Energy Systems Consultants


Works Performed by our Professionals


Energy Capital Projects Risk Management Program

Working with a large energy utility, ARETE Professionals  defined, developed and deployed a Project Risk Assessment Program.  Activities and deliverables included: 

  • Met with stakeholders to identify and define project risk categories and elements.

  • Conducted various workshops with stakeholders to review risk elements and develop statistical risk weighting for consideration.

  • Developed a Risk Assessment Program (RAP) to be implemented with the utilities Project Management team.

  • Conducted pilot project risk assessments with stakeholders and shared results.

  • Developed procedures on the use of the RAP and provided training with support.

Distribution Reliability Project Management and Coordination

Working with a regional power utility, ARETE Professionals  provided project management coordination services in support of increasing reliability in power distribution.  Activities and deliverables included:

  • Managed budgets and update cash flows for program budgets. Coordinated schedulers and the permitting process.

  • Supported the setup of project documentation process and document workflows for project enhancements.

  • Advise on the utility's distribution reliability model for switches, equipment replacements to provide project return on investment analysis.

  • Fielded jobs for scoping documentation and preliminary cost estimating. Supported regional distribution centers.

Power Apparatus Specification and Acceptance Testing

Working with a regional power utility, ARETE Professionals  provided technical advisory services.  Activities and deliverables included:

  • Reviewed and advised on transformer and capacitors standards, design, specifications and drawings.

  • Conducted transformer technical characteristics and assessment review.

  • Developed power apparatus operational, testing and commissioning policy and procedures.

  • Provided field services including factory and substation job site visits to support witness testing and other expert consultation.

  • Performed transformer active part inspections and transformer factory acceptance testing.


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