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Leveraging Project Schedules to Perform Risk Analysis

Schedule Risk Analysis functionality connects the risk assessment information of a project to the baseline schedule. Monte Carlo simulation process is generated to provide sensitivity information of tasks to assess potential impact of risks on the final project duration and cost. 


3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs to Standardize and Quantify Risk Assessment to Improve Portfolio Management

“If you don’t know it, you can’t measure it; if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.”  

Will the Brightest Places on Earth Shift to Renewable Energy?

When the sun sets and the lights go on, Earth’s man-made lights can be seen scattered throughout the globe and because of NASA’s astonishing photographs of our planet, we now know what places in the world illuminate the brightest. Here we highlight a few of the highest energy consuming locations and their position on renewable energy. 


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How the Human Body Can Energize Our Power Grid

The average human at rest can produce around 100 watts of power! According to Forbes, “Turning Body Heat into Electricity”, 100 watts is enough to power many of the electronics you use, such as your cellphone (about 1 watt) and your laptop (45 watts). With the right technology, the human body can become an important source for generating energy. In this blog, we share how entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists around the world have made challenging discoveries and inventions that demonstrate how the human body is resourceful, powerful, and electrifying.