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ARETE provides asset management services to address every stage in your asset content lifecycle to help you manage your information from design, construction and operations. Our professionals assist organizations in managing engineering related content including computer-aided design drawings, specifications, geographical spatial information, and asset management systems.


As you develop your plans to comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability and Cyber Security Standards, ARETE provides comprehensive compliance management services that will support the implementation of policies and procedures that allow your organization to achieve and maintain compliance sustainability.


Energy organizations manage a portfolio of capital projects that are critical for the generation and distribution of energy.  These projects have inherent risks that can cause schedule delays and cost overruns. ARETE professionals can assist you in defining and implementing your risk registry supported with tools that leverage industry statistical data for comprehensive risk analysis with our Risk Assessment Profiler (RAP) platform.


Power microgrids are localized grids that can disconnect from the traditional grid to operate autonomously. They help mitigate grid disturbances, strengthen grid resilience, and play an important role in transforming the nation’s electric grid. ARETE supports microgrid implementation in various ways that include financial analysis, planning, design, testing, and maintenance. 


Cyber security today is a global industry business priority.  ARETE professionals can provide a wide range of cyber security services to critical cyber assets.  Services may include identification of assets, defining electronic security perimeters, implementing electronic access control and event-monitoring tools, conducting vulnerability assessments, and developing cyber security policies.


ARETE provides a wide range of power systems engineering in support of generation, transmission, distribution and the utilization of electric power and the electrical devices including generators, control systems, circuit breakers, transformers, etc.  Our professionals have expertise in engineering, commissioning, testing, diagnostics, maintenance, and studies.

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